Saturday, January 14, 2006

Chat session cum party (whatever)

Had a chat session at the fourth floor. Well, they called it a party. (EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that has more than 2 people in some place is called a party hahaha!)

Anyway it was Jenni's (some German girl who I met at Caio just as I was about to leave) birthday and Manu was going upstairs, so I got invited (sort of) to the party. We brought our own chairs (cos there were about 8 people there already; no chairs to go around.)

No birthday cake, so pizza (only the remains are shown) sufficed. Candles in the middle. =)

Had a real good chat about political situations (and some funny stories) in the home countries of the people there. And then someone asked about Singapore. Well.. All I can say is that I can't say it here, cos I know that someone, somewhere is watching, hearing (smelling even) me. So yea, BUT I did say some good things too. Like how I respect the government for how they settle certain stuff like our security. But they were like "WHAT no chewing gum in your country?" "What you mean you have to go to jail for littering?" (No, you don't have to, you just pay a $5000 fine. Cheap man. Maybe you could win a lucky draw. See Lex's post about this.)

Yeah, sure like to get to know more of the people upstairs. I'm like living on the first floor man. How cool. Everyone's UPSTAIRS. HAHA!

On a side note, I've decided to start studying tomorrow. Got the textbook for one module already from the professor who lent it to us. =)