Saturday, February 25, 2006

Kemi tomorrow!

W00t! Finally another trip after so long. This time we are going about 100km north to Kemi to see the snow castle and the ice breaker ship Sampo. Then we will be going to the border of Sweden and Finland as well! All for 10E + 7E (for entrance to the snow castle) = 17E.

In the meanwhile, I have been wondering, should I cut my hair? It's getting very long, but it's not the least uncomfortable, cos it's cold in Finland anyway. It's the place and time where I can really leave my hair to grow till it is shoulder length and I can tie a ponytail. Be a cowboy HEEHAW!

Cutting hair in Finland is an expensive thing. And we're not even talking about premium services where they wash your hair and blow dry and dye and all that fancy stuff. Just a normal hair cut will set you back by 25E (or S$50!). Now please understand my dilemma.

Maybe I'll cut it after my exams as a form of celebration!

More pics on the way =)