Sunday, March 19, 2006

I wanted to test my luck and...

50/50 luck
And your luck rating is.... 1

In all the questions, there's a 50-50 chance to not choose a lucky or an unlucky answer. And you have done just that... you picked a neutral-luck answer, every time. What does this say about your luck? Well, you're not unlucky, that's for sure, but you aren't all that lucky either. So, each time you flip a coin, your luck will pretty much give you a 50-50 chance to win, every time.

The "Test your luck!" Test written by shry7 on Ok Cupid
and also my intelligence:
You scored 122 Intelligence!'re basically a genius. 132 is the IQ where Mensa accepts you. How about giving it a try? You were the probably the kid who got all A's in high school..or you could be like me, a brilliant slacker...too smart for your own good. It goes both ways. You are very gifted.
LOL, this is crap. I need more luck for my exams though.