Sunday, April 02, 2006

Heavy heavy snow

Today it was snowing the whole day. But the temperature was nice, about -0.7degC, so it wasn't too cold.

Then Thomas (one of my flatmates) asked if I wanted to go to the Science Centre at Tietomaa for free, and of course, when you present a Singaporean with something FREE, he/she would never refuse (of course when I mean something free, I mean something GOOD and free). By the way, normal entrance to the Science Centre is 10E (for the mathematically challenged or the ignorant, that is the equivalent of S$20.)

So Thomas said that they were going to bike there, and I borrowed Manu's bike to cycle downtown.

OK, now the first sentence will link this up. Riding in heavy snow, as those who have experienced would let you know, is not exactly the easiest thing on Earth. Not when I am a novice cyclist, and definitely not when I have been sitting on my butt for the past few weeks and not really working out (the sporadic gym and swimming sessions don't count for much). So I was wobbling around with the bike, trying to control where it was going and not crash into the snow at the side of the path (if there was one in the first place). The snow was so heavy because it was snowing the WHOLE (frigging) day. Never saw that much snow on the paths before.

So after (really) struggling for 3km, I decided I had more than enough. I told Thomas and Georg to go ahead and not wait for me (so sorry to make u all wait for the "tortoise"), because the Science Centre would close in 2 hours. It wouldn't really be nice to cycle 6km in 1 hour, would it? And I decided to head back home myself. Almost got lost though.

If you actually want to know how it feels like, I can say it's about the same as cycling though mud, only that the snow is white of course. And precisely because it wasn't that cold, the snow that fell on me got me all wet. Perkele*!

After I came back, I decided to go for volleyball but the school door was locked so I joined the Italian and French guys for some snow soccer. After 2 injuries, including a bleeding nose for one English girl who just arrived yesterday, we decided to call it quits and head for the sauna.

And then I got to try Stelvio's pasta (which Nima said was fabulous). It was wonderful for my hungry tummy! Bene**!And his Ratafia (an Italian wine? liquor?) was sweet and I liked it a lot!

End of the day? Maybe not. We are deciding whether to go downtown (by bus of course; no more goddamn biking!) later tonight. =P

Three cheers to the end of exams!

*Perkele = damn it in Finnish
**Bene = good in Italian