Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spring is finally here!

Today was the first day of superb weather, so it is for me at least, the first day of spring! We had like +15degC in the afternoon, and even as I am typing at 11pm, it's +10degC! (Notice that I put a + sign in front, cos I am so used to negative temperatures already for the past few months!)

Colours are emerging at last, with green grass growing outside my window, birds are chirping once again, squirrels are running from tree to tree and flies are buzzing around (irritating pests come with spring too you know!) and the sun is (really) shining once again. People are starting to come out more, and in less clothes, girls are starting to wear skirts (actually it was already like that some weeks back, just that now there are more) and there is a general air of cheeriness in the air. I am feeling really good, really happy!

I was out in my shorts and slippers to the sauna, and even played some soccer (or rather just kicking the ball around) with some other guys. It felt SO GOOD! Sauna is beginning to lose its purpose.

After that, Thomas cooked some Austrian food (with the food that his parents sent him for Easter) and we celebrated "Austrian Easter" tonight with a dish which had egg, ham, 2 kinds of smoked meat, preserved cucumber (or what I thought tasted like that) and CHEESE (of which I took one slice and decided that it was better if the rest had the cheese instead of me. No it wasn't bad, it's just me, I don't like dairy products!) We had some vodka (I took 3 shots! And I'm still fine!) from Russia that Thomas bought on the Russia trip. (I didn't use mine since I promised the Dutch girls that I would bring some vodka to their farewell party this Thursday. One bottle is already gone =S)

This week is going to be one week of hellish partying, cos it is Vappu (celebration of spring; in Swedish, it's called Wappu I think!) in Finland. For the Finns, it's going to be a week which they don't remember anything of, much like what the Germans have during their Oktoberfest. During Wappu, Finnish first-years get dunked in a river or something like that, and then there are crazy street processions, and maybe even an old fire engine with students on it going around sounding its siren.

I will get some pictures of this festivity and post it on my blog. If I don't get too drunk, that is. (I promise I'll try very hard not to!)

And talking about partying, I should really finish up my circuit designing by tomorrow. And then there's another classical concert I am going to tomorrow night at 7pm. And then Onnela. And Thursday, possibly Onnela again. Then Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday - Wappu!

Busy week ahead.

P.S.: Mr Garlic is now out of my room, and in the open, just outside where I can see him from my window. It is spring after all!