Saturday, May 27, 2006

In Copenhagen!

Reached Copenhagen at around 1pm today. Copenhagen's time is the same as Sweden, 6 hours behind Singapore, 1 hour behind Finland.

The thing that struck me when I reached Copenhagen is... expensive things are in this country! Things are crazy!

For a start I have to mention the exchange rate first in order for people to appreciate the prices in Copenhagen. 1 Euro = 5.3 Danish Kronors. 1 Euro = 2 S$.

Today, after checking into the hotel, which looked it was 3 stars, we went in search for food. ZM's dad said let's go to KFC, so we went to the city centre to search for an outlet. After we went in, we looked at the menu. Very pleasant experience indeed!

2 pieces of chicken and 2 "Hot Wings", 1 fries and 1 drink for 53 Kronors = 10 euros = S$20!
OMG kill me, the same meal in Singapore would be around $5 or $6. I am eating chicken that I think is fed beef steak and drinking apple juice every day of its life! WHAT THE HELL!

And you know what? I haven't gone to Oslo yet! I don't dare to imagine the prices there. Let's try to forget the unpleasant part already, since we are already here, I plan to make the best outta it.

Some pics from Copenhagen. Copenhagen airport.

Welcome to Copenhagen, a wonderful city to spend ALL your money, every single cent of it.

Me in city centre, still unaware of the standard of living here. Smiling even.

ZM and WL.
ZM wants 2000 people to see his face. QUICK SEE HIS FACE!

Entrance of Tivoli, an amusement park. Entrance fee 10 euros (just plain entrance into the park), if u want to ride any of the rides, buy a ride ticket for 27.75 euros. SONG BOH!

We are in Denmark!

See the flag behind me!

ZM, his dad and mum, his aunt and brother.

OK dudes, you have just seen the city centre of Copenhagen. No point walking in the shopping district, cos you will never have enough money to buy anything. Even shopping queen WL said it's too expensive! HAHAHA!

Anyway one ride on the bus is worse than Finland. It's 5 euros (27 Kr)! Tomorrow hopefully we will buy a Copenhagen card that will allow us free transport and free entrance to museums and attractions. Cost? A cool 450 Kronors. How cool is that.


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