Monday, July 03, 2006

People I got to know during my exchange period

Friends that I have made from the exchange period (the bulk of them in Oulu, a few on the Russia trip, and some on the Poland trip) are from all over Europe, America, Canada, New Zealand and in Asia too! It's been a great time with them =) and I hope to meet them soon, anywhere in the world.

Tanja (FI) and me outside Oulu University.
Noura (FR), Nima's labmate. Got to know her only after my Russia trip during the last few weeks I was in Oulu, cos she just arrived from France to do her Master's thesis in Oulu.
Natacha (FR), got acquainted with her during the Russia trip. She was also studying in Oulu Univ, but I, for some reason, never got to see her around.

Markus (Austria). A lady charmer with good looks. He's a really funny guy, and never fails to crack me up with his antics. It's great he's gonna be a teacher. The kids will surely love him.

Brecht (BEL). He's well loved by everyone. Nice guy to have lunch with cos he's always saying some joke.

Jiali (China). Knew her from Finnish class. Quiet and reserved, but the only person besides WL that I could speak Mandarin to.
Reetta (FI, also from the Poland trip), a very smiley girl, always smiling throughout the whole day, even when she just woke up.
Malin (SWE). An instant looker and hot favourite with all the guys in Oulu. (I didn't say that, it was my evil twin. =P) Great to dance with, especially when the music gets hot.
Soraya (ESP). Knew her through one of the parties. Course mate with Manu.
Eder (ESP). Knew him during Finnish class. Hangs out with Jihye a lot, for some reason.

Jose (ESP). One word to describe him in his own language: "Cabron". HAHAHAHA!

Vicente (ESP). Studying in Oulu too, but knew him better during the Russia trip. Haha, this guy is a master voyeur shot-taker. Learnt from him the art of taking not-so-secret pics of hot babes on the streets of Moscow and St Pete's. Look at his shirt and you know what it means, eh?

Annie (FR). Vincente's girlfriend. OK, I know this looks really scandalous, but Vicente was the one who asked me to take a photo with his gf ok! LOL. He was the photographer!
Jihye (South Korea). Cute and shy girl. Acquainted durin Finnish class.
Vladic (SL). Doctor, loves alcohol and parties. This pic was taken during his farewell party and he's almost drunk already.
Tom (SL). Slick dancer with all the cool moves. I get a lot of inspiration from him on the dance floor. Haha!
Chico (Mexico). Hard at work, signing my guest book. Great guy with lots of knowledge. Beer guzzler.
Stelvio (IT). The first guy I talked to in Oulu. Has smouldering good looks, intense eyes and a great twinkling smile, but he's not too tall though and that's a real pity. Should see him on the dance floor. Always has a roving eye for hot babes.
Stefano (IT), girl charmer. For some reason, he is able to attract girls like no other guy can. And he doesn't even have extraordinary looks. Must learn a thing or two from him. Unfortunately, I didn't really talk much to him.
Gaetano (IT). Great guy to hang out with.
"Clarence, Onnela tonight?"
"Yeah, viva la fica!"
Dario (IT). For a while I was mixing with the Italian "mafioso". LOL, together with Stelvio, Gaetano, Nima and Ida (aka Irida), these "Italians" always know how to joke around.

Tomash (HU), met during sauna.
Susi (GER), knew her during the Estonia trip. She's really tall (>1.8m)and in this pic, she said "I'll let you be taller than me, ok?"

Judita (CZ). Pretty Czech. I thought of her as quiet for most of the time I knew her until one party when she was quite high on alcohol and she spoke a lot to me. Well, people are different when they are drunk.

For people who didn't have their pics here, it was because
1. I didn't get a photo with you or
2. I misplaced those photos.

But we are still friends if you know me =) Regards from Singapore!


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