Sunday, February 26, 2006

Back from Kemi Snow Castle, Sampo Ice Breaker and Sweden border crossing!

It was a wonderful outing today. Again!

Time for pics of course!

On the bus to Kemi. You think's very orderly and quiet in the bus?
There's like a mini party behind in the bus. Mostly Czechs and one Slovakian (Tomas, with head turned).
And you thought that was a mountain in Finland? See again.

Pollution in Finland. No that's smoke from a factory. Ewwww.

Sampo Ice Breaker. The only private ice breaker in the world? Or is it Finland or Europe? I heard the captain say the only PRIVATE one in the world.

A big bunch of Czechs, one Slovakian, some Poles,one Italian. I was the cameraman. =)

In Sampo. Me and Tomas aka Tom.

The busy captain getting calls from all over. Argh busy and hectic day..

Trying my best to look like a captain, but I think I look like I am messing with the buttons more than being a captain. Stupid bag gave me away. LOL!

Da Captain is a busy man. He's got to answer calls, press buttons, and drive the ship. Lucky there are no accidents. LOL.

A look of the sea from the top deck of Sampo. Nothing gets in the way. Not ice. Unless it's particularly hard and thick. Lucie and me. "You jump, I jump!"
(This stunt is professionally done. Parental guidance is advised for all children under 10.)So it wasn't that dangerous after all. LOL.
We all jump together! Tom is thinking whether to jump or not. Me, Eva, Tom and Hana.

Another quick peek at Sampo before we leave for the Snow Castle.


Reindeer enclosure near the Snow Castle.

It's not cheap. No, not at all.

Need I say more?

My castle behind me.

OK, next time when I don't have anything smart to say I will not say anything. Everyone loves Mr. Frostie. Especially girls.
Emma, Susi and Tracy in the Ice Bar at the Snow Castle.Susi and me.

When we entered the castle these 2 cute little cartoon characters appeared. So cute. And the kid is so cute too!

Aww so sweet. I HEART you.

Puss in Boots.
Recognize him? He's the famous Pinnochio! Someone broke his arm cos he lied too much. But apparently his nose is short. Hmmm. Contradiction.Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. I dunno the name of this exhibit. Anyone wants to venture a guess?

The bed is talking to me! "Sleep on me."

I dunno the name for this game. But someone sits on the seat and another is supposed to push the wooden bar. Very fun, especially when the person pushing is a big strong guy who uses all his might to push.

Eva in Kemi.

What good weather and a good place to eat makkara (Finnish sausage, also known as Finnish vegetable).Ice Ravintola (restaurant).

Yeah, the bed is damn comfy.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the FROZEN SEA.

Snow mobiling! I wanna go someday. Must try!

Ice Chapel. Here in Finland, snow is the cheapest thing you can find to build your houses or any other building. Problem is, it will melt in spring. LOL.

Sledding in floats. This slope is too gentle. No kick.

Guys always have more fun.

Ice colouring competition?

Finnish sauna.

Cute reindeer. With its not-so-cute pile of shiet.

Me & the cute reindeer (and its not-so-cute pile of shiet).

And then we crossed over to Sweden for some shopping. Nothing much to see though. Just a supermarket and some flags (see below).

The flags of the Scandinavian countries. If you don't know which countries' flags are, shame on you.

Ans: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland. (from left to right)

Haparanda Bus Station in Sweden. AH ha! I have been to Sweden =P But no chop on my passport =S

Our bus, which has travelled over 1 million km. I was a little worried it might break down on us. HAHA! Luckily my worries proved unfounded.

Back to home. Finland again!

Credits: Thanks to Stefano and Eva for the extra pictures. Need to get some from Stelvio as well. And of course to me, for my never-ending patience with Blogger.